About C&Q

Candle & Quill is the collection of ponderings about life as I live and breathe it, as it effects me and my world, and how my faith in Christ forms not only my perspective, but is the catalyst for that life which I live and breathe, experience and ponder.  There are a lot of links in each article; to open the links in a new tab, simply hold down the control button on your keyboard as you click on the link.

This blog is one of a few that I regularly run; others are listed to the right – please join me there too!  Besides writing blogs, I’ve written articles published in books, as well as four novels to date; due to the amount of time required on larger projects, as of 2016 this particular blog will be updated in a monthly rhythm; it’s important for me to have this outlet for articles what would not fit into the themes of my other blogs, but I simply don’t have the capacity to keep all of them up on a weekly basis.  Having said that, I hope that my thoughts and sparks here will encourage you, give you perhaps a new perspective on challenges you’re facing, and be a blessing to you!

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